Terms and Conditions

REHAU Connections Loyalty Scheme


The REHAU Connections Loyalty Programme (RCLP) is administered by REHAU Limited and REHAU and a third party are responsible for shipping the rewards.For customer participation in REHAU Connections Loyalty Programme, the following General Terms and Conditions apply.

1. Conditions of participation

In order to participate in the RCLP the applicant acknowledges acceptanceof these General Terms and Conditions upon registering.Participation willbegin at registering to open a RCLP points account.The opportunity toparticipate in the programme is limited to all companies that install REHAU RAUVITHERM pre-insulated pipe in the UK & Eire. REHAU Staff, Wholesalers and their employees are excluded from participation.There is no legalentitlement to participation in the RCLP and REHAU Limited may deny participation at its own discretion without stating a reason. REHAU Limited also reserves the right to exclude a participating company from further activity in the RCLP.Entitlement toparticipation shall be evaluated by REHAU Limited at the time of initial registration and reviewed from time to time throughout the operation of the programme.

REHAU Limitedreserves the right to pursue criminal prosecution in the case of fraud or abuse by providing false transaction data or by registering under a false address or company name.

2. Registration

RCLP offers a range of rewards that are earned through purchasing REHAU RAUVITHERM pre-insulated pipe.Only one accountfor collecting RCLP points is created for each company that install REHAU RAUVITHERM pre-insulated pipe; multiple registration of a company is not permitted.In order to be clearly identified as a REHAU Connections customer and to be able to communicate concerning the RCLP, we require some of your personal details. This personal data shall be requested when registering and shall include your company name and address, title, first name, surname & email address.When registering,you will have the opportunity to indicate whether you wish to receive information, from the REHAU Connections newsletter from REHAU Limited via email. This consent may be revoked at any time by contacting REHAU Limited in writing. You may also cancel the use of your postal address for advertising purposes at any time by contacting REHAU Limited in writing.

3. Program description

(i) Collect -

As part of the reward program, participants have the possibility of collecting Connect points for selected REHAU products. In order to collect connect points you must enter your RAUVITHERM pipe purchase to your account and send your invoice or order acknowledgement to the Head Office as per instructions on the website, for approval to your account.These points can beexchanged for various rewards, listed on the REHAU Connections website, to the value of your current balance of Connect Points. The Connect points have no intrinsic value so cannot be converted into cash or REHAU products other than those shown on theRedeem and Select Rewards Page.

(ii)Redemption -

Redemption ofConnect Points can be requested through www.rehau.co.uk/connections. All rewards are subject to change.The rewards may only be obtained in accordance with the conditions stipulated on the website. Availability of the rewards can vary depending on the date, the season, or for other reasons. The reward points have no intrinsic value and exchange for cash payment to the value of the reward items is not possible.REHAU Limitedreserves the right to introduce changes to rewards, reward categories or reward points at any time.The participating company is entitled to receive the rewards. The rewards may only be requested by entitled participants using the REHAU Connections online reward shop once the number of Connect Points, required for the respective reward, has been acquired.

4. Taxation of bonus rewards

Bonus rewards from customer loyalty programs represent a financial advantage and must therefore be declared for tax purposes.

5. Delivery and Exchange

The rewards may only be dispatched to the specified company address in the UK as listed in the registration details. REHAU Limited dispatches to the last delivery address communicated to them by the participant and shall not be held responsible for any omitted or incorrect address change.In their own interest, the participant should check immediately that the package received is complete and that its contents comply with their request.Rewards delivered may not be returned or exchanged. Cash payment to the value of the reward items is not possible.

6. Alterations to the conditions of participation

REHAU Limitedreserves the right to alter or replace the RCLP program. However, REHAU Limited is under no obligation to provide a reasonable period of notice as long as a valid reason for such changes has been provided.In addition, REHAU Limited reserves the right to modify the conditions of participation.

7. Data protection

Personal data related to participation shall be processed and used exclusively for the purposes of RCLP performance, in accordance with the valid data protection regulations. The participant consents to the storage and use of their personal data, no later than at the point of registration at www.rehau.co.uk/connections, as long as this is necessary for processing.